A Guide to Tidy Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is a messy job. It involves heavy equipment, mortar and a slew of professionals walking in and out of your home or property. A lot of companies out there promise that they’ll ensure a tidy tuckpointing job only to leave their clients with an incomprehensible mess. In order to avoid getting stuck with a messy company, it’s important to understand what the ins-and-outs of cleaning include.

The best companies will leave the area they worked on cleaner than it was when they started. At the start of the job, there’s likely to be old mortar that has fallen off and a general accumulation of dust in areas that may not have been touched in years. However, mortar has a home and that home is in the joints of your brick structures. It’s important that it doesn’t get anywhere else, because it gets more difficult to remove and often leaves stains as time passes.

While the entire process of tuckpointing is anything but clean, tidy tuckpointing can ensure that your home is well taken care of and regularly maintained throughout the process. If you want to make sure that the job is being done the right way from the start, talk to your masonry company and keep an eye out that they’re adhering to the following cleaning guidelines.

How to Clean After Tuckpointing

Most professional tuckpointing companies will ensure that they include cleanups in the process, but make sure that you know exactly what these cleanups entail. If you don’t inquire before you sign your contract, you might not get the comprehensive package.

Equipment Storage

The first part of every cleaning job in tuckpointing is making sure that all of the equipment used is out of the way and not obstructing anything at your home. This takes out any inconvenience a homeowner might face with large, sometimes dangerous, equipment.

Dry Cleanups

The next step in the process is performing dry cleanups. These are done every day, once the work for the day has been finished. They’re a basic cleanup that gets all of the debris off of your property and out of the way. Tuckpointers use brooms and shovels to ensure that you’re not left with an unsightly mess that can easily blow around your property in strong winds.

Wet Cleanups

You can think of wet cleanups as the fine-toothed comb after dry cleanups. The professionals will survey the area to make sure that everything looks like it did when they arrived. Wet cleanups use power washers or hoses to clean up after the brooms and shovels remove larger debris. These types of cleanups are sometimes done everyday, but usually only if the dry cleanup doesn’t finish the job.

Final Cleanups

The final cleanup involves both dry and wet cleanups in addition to careful inspection of the working area. These ensure that the product your masonries leave behind looks new and ready to show to the world. If you’d like, you can do a walkthrough with your project manager to make sure that no small details are missed.

Whatever you do, just make sure that this job is not ignored. Final cleanups are a lot of work and you shouldn’t be stuck with having to tackle it on your own. Especially after paying a company for the job to get done.

How You Can Ensure That You Receive Tidy Tuckpointing

The most important thing to remember when you’re thinking about getting tuckpointing work done is to find someone that you can trust. Sure, you can try to do this project yourself, but if you’re not a professional you’ll likely be left with an unsatisfactory finished product and an overly intimidating mess.

The precision needed for tuckpointing is crucial for the job to come out durable and aesthetically pleasing. It takes patience, years of training and a level of experience that can’t be matched through DIY home improvement. In order to get the job done right, the first time around, leave it to the professionals.

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