Caulking and Sealing a Building

The practice of caulking and sealing a building helps prevent any type of penetration from occurring where it shouldn’t. When done correctly, it creates seal that’s both airtight and watertight, which works to keep the great outdoors and the inside of your home separated. This is imperative, especially during harsh weather, to maintain a comfortable home environment. As a whole, caulk and sealant are very versatile materials that can be applied to a multitude of surfaces. When taken care of, they’re much more resilient than other materials and are therefore, a great tool for masonry contractors everywhere. In fact, you can put caulk on almost every surface and it provides a flexible bond that absorbs external pressure.

Most commonly, caulking and sealing is used on decorative stones, windowsills, foundation lines, pool decks, chimneys, and brick buildings. Some of the benefits of maintaining your caulk and sealant include the following:

1. Increases Energy Efficiency

Caulk and sealant create an airtight bond, which helps increase the energy efficiency of your home. The more efficient your home is at conserving energy, the lower your utility bills will be. If your windows or doors have large gaps or holes, the heat will escape during the winter and the cold air will be saturated during the summer. Caulking will help keep the heat inside and the cold outside and vice versa. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to save money in the long run, so there’s no reason not to make sure that your building is properly caulked and sealed.

2. Boosts Comfort

Since caulk reduces the chances of cold air entering your home during winter or a hot air in the summer, you and your family will be more comfortable indoors. It’s not surprising that the process of caulking and sealing your building is one of the easiest ways to increase the comfort levels of your home. It’s also much cheaper than buying a whole new air conditioner or heating unit. If your home or building has too many gaps, you’ll notice a huge difference when they’re properly sealed.

3. Fights Mildew

Certain areas of your home, like the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room, are more susceptible to mold and mildew growth. By using bath or kitchen caulk, you can actively fight the growth of annoying mildew in your home. This not only protects your health, it saves you money. Mold and mildew is extremely costly to repair and get rid of and it’s much easier to focus on preventative care.

4. Prevents Insects

When you properly caulk and seal a building, you’ll prevent insects from finding an easy way inside. This doesn’t mean that your home is impermeable to insects, but they will have a much harder time finding a way in when all of the gaps are sealed with caulk.

5. Improves Home Value

Finally, investing in regular maintenance of your building’s caulk and sealant is a great way to improve your home’s overall value. It helps to prevent any water damage from occurring, which causes serious problems to the structural stability of your home. When a home has poor structural stability, the property value plummets.

Since you’re successfully separating the outside elements from the inside of your home, you’ll also need fewer repairs over the years. A history of few repairs is a good sign and another way to keep your property value at it’s highest. If you’re looking to sell, all of these things will help you attract more buyers.

Like we mentioned, caulk and sealant can be used on almost any surfaces to close gaps, secure items, and even maintain the overall stability of a building.

Bringing in the Professionals

If you start to see cracked or missing caulk and sealant or feel any drafts around your windows or doors, you’ll likely need to reinforce the seal. Caulking falls under masonry work and while it seems pretty straightforward, some background knowledge and experience goes a long way. Rather than trying to do it yourself and waste time and money, consider bringing in the professionals. To make sure you’re getting quality craftsmanship, opt for a professional company like Chicago Tuckpointing Inc. We’re trained and experienced in tuckpointing, masonry, caulking, and more.

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