Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Caps or Flue Toppers

If you enjoy warming up to a nice fire indoor, then you need to understand your chimney. There are a lot of different moving parts, but one of the main things you should familiarize yourself with is a chimney cap or flue topper. These are on the exterior of your chimney and provide you with a number of benefits stemming from only a small investment cost. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about chimney caps and flue toppers.

What is a Chimney Cap or Flue Topper?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what a chimney cap or flue topper is. The names are often used interchangeably and they’re used to cover the opening of your chimney or flue liner. There are a number of different sizes and shapes available, but they’re essential if you want to use your chimney safely and avoid unnecessary repairs. Luckily, chimney caps or flue toppers come in a number of designs so that they compliment your home rather than create an eye sore.

Why Install a Chimney Cap or Flue Topper

If you’re on the fence about installing a chimney cap or flue topper, it’s time to make the leap. There are a number of benefits you’ll reap from installing one that will save you time and money while keeping your family safe during chimney season.

Keep Rainfall Out

Without a chimney cap or flue topper, rain can easily get inside of your chimney and cause unnecessary damage. Both steel and brick components are at risk with water, as it can cause structural instability. Plus, water creates problems of mold and mildew that is hard to clean.

Deters Animals

When you have a cap on your chimney, animals won’t be able to make their way inside and nest. This saves the animals from an unfortunate end, which in turn means you won’t have to deal with corresponding maggots, flies, or an all around unbearable odor. It also keeps your chimney free of debris so smoke and carbon monoxide can safely escape.

Reduces Downdrafts

If you’re experiencing a bitter chill near your chimney, you likely have a downdraft. This means smoke may also be blowing back inside, which is not good. A chimney cap can help reduce and prevent wind from coming in and creating downdrafts.

Eliminates Rouge Embers

Chimney caps and flue toppers both eliminate rouge embers from flying out of your chimney and landing in your yard or on your roof. This reduces the likelihood of unwanted fires and damage to your property.

Types of Chimney Caps and Flue Toppers

There are a number of different types of chimney caps and flue toppers, all made out of different material. Depending on the material, the cost for installation, repair, and replacement will differ. Additionally, each material offers different benefits and is used to compliment different styles of homes. Chimney caps and flue toppers come in the following materials:

  • Clay
  • Ceramic
  • Terracotta
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Different Types of Stones
  • Granite

Your chimney is an integral part of your home’s safety system. It leads harmful toxins and smoke out and away from your home and your family while providing a number of life saving benefits. That’s why understanding your chimney and its corresponding parts is so important. Education is the first step in prevention and with a chimney cap or flue topper, you’ll keep your chimney clear so it can do its job. Since using your chimney leads to a buildup of creosote and other debris, it’s important to get a chimney inspection and professional cleaning at least once a year, preferably when it starts getting colder and before you use your chimney for the season.

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