How to Know When Your Chimney Needs Rebuilding

Most people don’t think twice about their chimney. It’s only used during cold, winter months and it’s usually not given a second thought. This can be extremely dangerous. Your chimney is the way that harmful carbon monoxide gas and smoke leaves your home when you’re burning a fire indoors. If your chimney is damaged or not working properly, carbon monoxide can accumulate in your home without you knowing. When this happens, it causes carbon monoxide poisoning—a potentially life threatening occurrence. The problem here is that carbon monoxide is odorless and extremely difficult to detect until it’s too late.

Similarly, damaged chimneys can increase the chances of a fire and will lead to irreplaceable damage. To avoid these problems, it’s important to be proactive about your chimney care and check for signs that show deterioration. In this article, we’ll go over how to know when your chimney needs rebuilding.

Signs You Need a Chimney Rebuild

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to give the professionals a call so that your chimney can be restored to working condition. Ignoring signs that you need a chimney repair will only lead to more expensive, and potentially fatal, problems down the road. Here are the top 6 signs you might need a chimney rebuild.

1. Damaged Chimney Crown

Your crown acts as your chimney’s first line of defense, so when it’s damaged your chimney is more susceptible to deterioration. Chimney crowns are considered damaged when they’re cracked or have noticeable holes in them. This happens due to natural wear and tear and extreme weather.

2. Damaged Mortar Joints

If you notice any mortar that looks like it’s falling apart or deteriorating on your chimney, you might not need a rebuild, but you will need to get it fixed. If the damage is too severe, a rebuild will be required to ensure that your chimney’s structural integrity remains intact. When you let it go untreated, your chimney will succumb to further damage and can lead to collapse.

3. Spalling

Spalling is what’s used to describe bricks that are popping out of the surface. It can also describe flaking or peeling bricks and is a sign that water damage is occurring. When this is left untreated, your chimney could collapse and cause severe damage to your roof and home.

4. Efflorescence

This is more commonly known as “white bricks” and occurs due to the minerals that make up the composition of a brick. These minerals are pushed to the surface and make your bricks appear white. It’s not the worst thing that could happen, but it is a strong indication that there is water coming in where it shouldn’t.

5. Shaling Flue Tiles

If your flue liner is damaged, you’ll likely notice an accumulation of tiles at the base. This is considered shaling flue tiles and is a serious condition. It means that your flue liner is no longer intact and could easily result in house fires.

6. Rusted Damper

Rust is caused by an exposure to water, which means that your chimney isn’t working properly. When there is too much moisture, it usually means that the damper isn’t sealed well and will need to be addressed. When this problem isn’t fixed, it could lead to house fires due to excess heat in dangerous areas.

Be Proactive With Your Chimney

To keep everything in working order, it’s important to clean your chimney at least once every year. If you use your chimney more often, more frequent cleanings are recommended. During a professional cleaning, make sure that they make a full chimney inspection to look for any signs of damage. If damage is found, schedule a time for it to be repaired prior to using your chimney again. Making sure to get your chimney professionally cleaned and service will reduce the chances of you needing an expensive rebuild down the line. When it comes to your chimney, it’s always to be proactive.

By taking a proactive approach to chimney care with regular inspections, you’ll save money on costly repairs or damages. Since many things can go wrong when you light a fire indoors, proactive chimney care will help make sure you and your family stays safe. If you notice any signs that you need a chimney rebuild, or want to schedule an inspection, give us a call at Chicago Tuckpointing Inc. We have highly trained professionals ready to help you with everything you need. Call today at 708-942-1951.