How Tuckpointing Can Add Value to Your Home

If you’re the owner of a home that incorporates brick into the framework, or as part of an additional structure, it’s time to get educated on tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is the process of meticulously removing any deteriorating mortar with a specialized tool called a trowel, then replacing it with fresh, new mortar. This helps maintain the structural integrity of a brick structure, which is important for the safety of you and your family. Tuckpointing is also essential in avoiding costly repairs or teardowns and helps keep your home looking its best. All of these benefits and more lead to one thing that homeowners can’t deny: tuckpointing adds substantial value to your home

Yes, tuckpointing is an investment, but it needs to be done so infrequently that the benefits far outweigh the costs. The benefits come into play when looking at aesthetics and the overall value of your home. Tuckpointing can easily be done to improve aesthetics along with fixing any damage. Plus, when masons add contrasting colors, they can change the entire appearance of your home for the better.

The overall process of tuckpointing adds value to your home primarily because of increased curb appeal. It doesn’t matter how old your brick home is, a fresh tuckpointing job can take years, even decades, off of the overall appearance. When potential buyers are looking for homes, most of them start online browsing through home’s exterior pictures. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll be unlikely to continue looking at your listing let alone actually visit your home in person. Tuckpointing fixes symmetry problems, can create a more modern look, and creates uniformity that prospective buyers love.

Additionally, tuckpointing helps weatherproof your house, a benefit that people with non-brick homes pay thousands of dollars for. When you leave your home at the hands of deteriorating brick and mortar, leaks are bound to happen. When people are shopping for a new home, they take this into consideration and don’t want to risk loosing or ruining any belongings, especially in their newly purchased home.

While yes, your home will be more visually appealing with tuckpointing, it will also have the higher quality that many people seek when purchasing a new home. Remember, a strong, beautiful home is a happy home. So even if you’re not ready, or even planning, to sell, tuckpointing is a smart investment to consider.

In addition to increasing the overall value of your home, tuckpointing helps:

  • Weatherproof your home from leaks and excessive heat
  • Increase the curb appeal
  • Protect from unwanted pests nesting or entering your home and the germination of trees
  • Strengthen the overall foundation

When to Tuckpoint

Since mortar is inherently strong, it lasts a long time. Thus, tuckpointing only needs to occur when there is damage or every 25 years. Each home is different, so the best way to ensure that you stay up to date on tuckpointing is to regularly inspect your home. Even if you need to do small tuckpointing jobs every 10 years, you’ll maintain the value of your home and avoid expensive teardowns.

Finding a Professional:

Even if you’re not planning to sell, it’s important to stay on top of your home maintenance. Being proactive with your tuckpointing will ensure that you avoid any costly repairs while still keeping the value of your home high. You’ll also avoid passing the point of no return. When you miss the opportunity for simple, localized fixes, you’ll need to do a complete tear down and re-build—which is not cheap. Take the time to regularly inspect your bricks, even if it’s simply while you’re watering the plants or walking around your home. Regular inspections will save you thousands of dollars and are easy to do when needed. If you’re not sure whether you find signs of damage that warrant tuckpointing, a mason can come in for a professional inspection.

Since tuckpointing requires so much precision and patience, it’s important to get the job done by a professional. That’s why we recommend giving us a call Chicago Tuckpointing Inc. today. If you notice any signs of brick deterioration, we’re here to help you tackle your problem. All of our professionals are fully trained and have over 20 years of experience specializing in brickwork, repairs, and restoration. We put our customers first so you can expect nothing but the best at competitive and affordable prices. Give us a call today at (708) 942-1951 or head on over to our website