Why Getting Code Violations Corrected is So Important

As the population continues to increase, more and more construction projects are getting started. In the United States, it’s not surprising to see orange cones on the highway, an increase in skyscrapers in a quaint area, and even old home restorations at every corner. If you’re going to be undergoing any major project, especially one for your business or home, it’s important to make sure that you’re up to code. When you aren’t, you will inevitably face fines, red tape, and eventually the need to correct the problem. With that being said, getting code violations corrected as soon as possible is recommended.

What Does Being “Up to Code” Mean

If you’re wandering what being up to code means exactly, you’re not alone. Many homeowners aren’t aware of code violations unless they’re purchasing a new home that has violations already in place. Being up to code typically depends on where you live, but for the most part it means that you adhere to the regulated guidelines for plumbing, fire safety, and fuel or gas. Your home needs to have structural strength through a sturdy foundation and easily accessible emergency exits in case of fire or flood damage. Your home needs to have plumbing that is considered sanitary and safe. Your lighting structures need to be safe and your home is required to be properly ventilated. In some states, being up to code also means having efficient heating and cooling mechanisms.

While this may seem like it should be standard in homes and businesses, many people still face code violations. In fact, close to 50% of homes have some sort of code violation. To avoid catastrophes, we recommend getting an inspection. If your home is made of brick, call in a professional mason to ensure that your structural support is still doing its job.

How to Fix Code Violations

If you have any code violations, it’s important to fix them. Luckily, many common violations are easily corrected.

Eliminate Handrail Hazards

Without handrails, there is a higher fall risk. Your handrails need to be thin enough to actually grip, so the recommended width is 3 inches or less in diameter. If they’re too high or too low, you will need to adjust them so they’re roughly 3 feet from the floor. They should also be closed ended. This means they reconnect to the wall to prevent anything from snagging and causing a fall.

Prevent Energy Violations

Reducing your home’s energy use, especially if it’s old, may seem daunting. But to stay up to code you need to have properly sealed and insulated windows, insulate ducts to avoid water damaged, and well-insulated attic spaces.

Install Windows Correctly

Windows in certain areas of your home need safety glass. Any windows near your staircase or a bathroom that can shatter creates a safety hazard that will result in a code violation. For the other windows in your home, you need to have at least one window in each room that allows accessibility in case of an emergency.

Inspect Detectors

Having working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are imperative to staying up to code. These are the most commonly violated codes. Make sure they’re working and in the correct areas of your home.

Fix Flashing

Another common code violation is bad window or door flashing. Poor flashing leads to water damage that weakens your home’s structural integrity. Fix any flashing problems to avoid this code violation.

Check For Fire Hazards

If you have fire hazards from faulty electrical wiring, holes in drywall, or a lack of fire extinguisher, you will fail an inspection. Similarly, your home needs to use fire-resistant building supplies and have adequate firewalls to help contain any fire.

Make Sure Tuckpointing is Safe

Brick and mortar can deteriorate over time and compromise the structural integrity of your home. If you notice any signs of deterioration or damage, you need to get tuckpointing done. Call a professional mason for the best, most affordable results.

If you think you have any code violations, don’t hesitate to get them fixed. If you’re starting up a do-it-yourself project, always take the time to get the approved permits. When you don’t, you’ll face a much bigger headache down the road. If you need any tuckpointing done, or are looking for a professional inspection, call us at Chicago Tuckpointing Inc. today. Our masons are trained and experienced to notice any damage that might contribute to a code violation and will give you an affordable quote to help fix it. Call us today at (708) 942-1951 for professional inspections, repairs, or masonry jobs. To receive a fast quote, fill out the contact form on our website at https://chicagotuckpointinginc.com/.