Why is Your Brick Deteriorating?

If you have a brick structure on your property, or if your home is built out of bricks, it’s important to know when simple wear and tear takes a turn for the worse. While bricks are strong and durable, they aren’t exempt from the effects of time. Eventually, your bricks will begin to deteriorate. In fact, both old and new bricks can deteriorate depending on a bunch of different external factors. Regardless of how old your bricks are, if you see any telltale signs of deterioration it’s important to take action. If you aren’t quite sure what to look for, don’t worry. Simply take a look at some of the following signs and if you notice any of them, call your masonry company to schedule a consultation.

Compacted Bricks

When you look at your brick structure, you’ll expect everything to be level and in it’s original shape from installation. However, if your bricks are deteriorating you’ll notice that the original shape is no longer present. If you notice any distorted lines or bowed bricks, call your mason immediately. These types of compacted bricks will start to affect one another and can lead to an expensive problem.


Efflorescence is when salt begins to emit through pores in the concrete due to moisture built up over long periods of time. It’s a natural process, but when visible it means that your wall isn’t drying effectively.


A lot of people are concerned with cracking, but most of the times it’s a much easier fix than you’d think. If you notice your bricks cracking diagonally, or near corners, call your mason to come in and get it fixed. If you don’t, it can lead to internal damage and costly repairs.

Mortar Problems

Mortar will eventually begin to deteriorate. It’s natural as your masonry work ages and braves against the elements. However, if you’re able to get this problem fixed quickly, you can avoid having to completely tear down and rebuild your structure. Call your mason if you see this so that they can come in and fix any problems with tuckpointing.


Finally, if you notice that any of your bricks are leaking, you have a problem. Leaking bricks or mortar can indicate internal issues and means that your bricks are no longer structurally sound.

Why is This Happening?

If you have any of these signs of deterioration, you might find yourself asking why this is happening. Regardless of how new, or old, your bricks are there are certain factors that will increase the deterioration time. Nothing lasts forever, not even the durability of bricks.

The time that it takes for your bricks to begin deteriorating depends on a pretty significant amount of factors. First and foremost, don’t let anyone tell you that the quality of the materials doesn’t matter. Low quality equates to faster deterioration. In order to extend the life of your brick structures, make sure that you opt for good quality bricks, mortar and professional installation. Additionally, the following factors all contribute to deterioration:

  • The amount of water or frost that your bricks are exposed to
  • Frequency and intensity of sandblasting or power washing
  • Age of the structure and how well it settles or shifts over time
  • Whether or not your structure is exposed to repeated vibrations
  • Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, causes faster deterioration
  • Rising damp, or the amount of ground water that your structure absorbs over time
  • Accidental, or intentional, damage from strong impacts or storms

Take Action

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your bricks fixed. If you miss the opportunity for simple fixes or tuckpointing, you’ll need to completely tear down the structure and build a new one. Taking the time to inspect your bricks at regular intervals throughout the year will save you in the long run.

At the end of the day, this job requires a lot of precision and patience and should be left to the professionals. That’s why we recommend calling us at Chicago Tuckpointing Inc. today if you notice any of these signs of brick deterioration. All of our professionals are fully trained and have over 20 years of experience specializing in brickwork, repairs and restoration. We put our customers first so you can expect nothing but the best at affordable prices. Give us a call today at (708) 942-1951 or head on over to our website https://chicagotuckpointinginc.com.